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"Learn to train"


"Learn to train"

FREE REPORT: " 5 Simple Exercises every soccer player should be doing ... "

Learn the secrets for strenght, Power and Speed in the game of Soccer 



Is your child as fast or strong as you want to be ? ...

do you feel that your child is always one step slower than the opponents ? ...

did your child get injured last season or is injured all the time ?...  

If  you answered yes to any of these questions, he or she may be a good candidate for our unique and Soccer-specific training.

Lionel Pannunzio
Physical Therapist
Certified Strength and Conditioning Scpecialist

Key Point of our training:

  • Comprehensive screening for safe program administration. With this assessment I will detect areas of weakness or faulty movement technique that are making you slower or weaker during the game.


  • Train directly with an expert in musculoskeletal health. As Physical therapists we are the most qualified professionals in the field of training.  


  • Youth specific: targeted for dedicated athletes who will work on coordination and stability followed by a load progression especially designed for the youth player by taking into account their immature system and growth plates.


  • Soccer specific: Program focused on main muscular groups and movements necessary for playing soccer designed by a soccer player. Learn a strengthening routine that will make you feel stronger and quicker in the game. Train with same the techniques that elite and professional athletes use to improve their performance.


  • Increase the strength of your legs and core musculature. Balance training to prevent ankle and knee injuries like ankle sprains and ACL injuries. Speed training in the field to improve the Athlete’s technique for accelerating and changing directions. Improve running, sprinting, jumping necessary for contesting an opponent.



Format of our program:

  • A full hour of Personalized training. Early morning / late afternoon spots available. All programs include a full body screening to detect weakness, imbalances or potential injuries.   

  • Frequency: from once a week to everyday training ( in our gym and at the fields).


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