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Learn different ways to relieve shoulder or neck pain...even if you've suffered for months or years and doctors have told you there is nothing else they can do for you

Lionel Pannunzio
Physical Therapist

In this Special Report on Shoulder and neck pain, I share with you very powerful principles and strategies you can make work for you.

   If you have Shoulder or Neck pain, you are not alone. In most cases, Shoulder or Neck pain is mild and disappears on its own. For some people, this impairment can return or hang on, leading to a decrease in quality of life or even to disability.

   Truth is, without knowing your history in detail, I cannot tell you which of these tips will best work for you. And even if I did know the root cause of your problem, there are no guarantees that any one single strategy will work.

  But over the last decade I’ve been able to pinpoint what really does and doesn’t work when it comes to improve Shoulder or Neck pain. And the principles you are about to read are included in that.

   But imagine this… how great it would be if you try these “tips”… within a few weeks you could have all these incredibly powerful strategies, “in play” and working for you – giving you back the peace of mind , that you’ve lost or are in danger of loosing. So here’s my challenge to you… now that you have this knowledge in your hands, take time everyday to try out these tips. It really won’t take long and most of them won’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time.

  I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by how much better you will feel for doing so.



More About The Person You'll Be Helped By...

Lionel Pannunzio  is the proud owner of White Bay Physical Therapy who wants to keep healthy and active.

Lionel has more than 18 years of experience helping people like you

White Bay Physical Therapy  is a private clinic in Weston which provides services one to one 


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