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Groin Pain In Soccer Players - Part II - What Type of Pain you have? | Weston - Florida

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Learn how making a correct diagnosis and identifying your type of groin pain can pinpoint the treatment you'll need to get better quicker.


Groin and Hip Pain is one of the most common injuries in Soccer Players, Youth and Adults the same, sometimes mild ,others severe but in all cases Groin pain affects performance.

Imagine playing pain-free, how much better you could play ?

Groin Pain Video

Groin Pain - The Basic

Today, we will discuss the basic concepts about Groin-Hip Pain.

Many of you have experienced debilitating pain in the groin area that seems to get better with rest, just to come back when you try to play again, sidelining you for many weeks again.

Over the last two decades and many groin injuries I suffered myself, I’ve became very familiarized with Groin Injuries in soccer players and wanted to share all this knowledge with you.

Groin pain is the 3rd most common injury in Soccer and almost every soccer player will have an episode of groin pain during their life.

It could be a sudden onset and a short-term problem but without the proper treatment if can lead to Chronic Groin pain , a debilitating condition that can put out from playing soccer forever.

Types of Groin Pain

Research on this topic comes mainly from the British Journal of Sports Medicine and UEFA Soccer statistic that include the Premier League from England, "La Liga " from Spain and many other leagues from European countries were soccer is the main Sport.

Researches have identified 4 different types of Groin / hip Pain

1. Adductor-related groin pain

This is your tipical inner groin or thigh pain , the most common

2. Iliopsoas-related groin pain

AKA “hip flexor injury “ with pain in anterior aspect of the hip

3. Inguinal-related groin pain

AKA “Sports hernia “ ( but there is no real Hernia ) with pain in the inguinal canal region and lower abdominal wall

4. Pubic-related groin pain

Local tenderness of the pubic area symphysis and the immediately adjacent bone. AKA “Athletic Pubalgia”

We have developed a specific treatment for for each of these entities, so we can help you get back to play quicker and once for all.

If you are

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