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2 Mobility Exercises For Tight Hips in Soccer Players | Weston | Florida

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Our hips are the power source for so many soccer movements.

In order to reduce risk of injuries or to achieve maximal performance, Soccer Players need optimal range of motion and hip mobility.

Hip mobility is mandatory

Soccer require us to move in and out of athletic positions quickly and easily. Sometimes

that's a matter of muscle strength, but more often there are restrictions from tightness.

From sprinting, to cutting, to jumping adequate flexibility and hip mobility plays a key role in performing our best.

Fortunately, if you are a soccer player with tight Hips, it doesn't have to take hours of dedicated practice time to remedy most of your Hip Stiffness. You just need to get your hips moving in the best range of motion possible.

Get your hips Moving

If you have Tight Hips, these 2 mobility-exercise videos below can either restore what you've lost, or prevent those losses from happening.

Note: these exercises are intended only for tight muscles, like for warm up or after games.

Do not try these if you have pulled or strained any of your hip muscles.

Adductor Mobility Drill

The first video is for Hip Tightness located in your Inner Tight area.

  • Often times after games and workouts you will feel sore muscles along this area. Other times, the Adductor muscle group will compensate other weaknesses in the hip ( like weak Glutes) and become tight as well.

  • The most common injury associated to tight Adductors is an Adductor Strain where this muscle is so tight and stiff that it will get injured by kicking , change of directions or sprinting. Other problems associated with this condition are Low back pain, Lower abdominal pain, Pubic pain and knee pain.

Internal and External Rotation Mobility Drill

The second video shows how to improve both Internal and External Rotations, both extremely important for soccer Players.

  • Lack of internal rotation is a very common finding in people with groin pain, low back pain, hamstrings / adductor strains that’s why this second drill is so important.

  • This is very important to do between back to back games or several times weekly to restore as much rotation possible before the next physical demand for optimal performance and injury risk reduction.


Tight Hips in Soccer Players can and will lead to injuries in the Groin Area. A good way to reduce the risk of injuries is to perform mobility work ( no passive stretching) regurlarly to maintain and optimal range of motion at the Hips

Use these 2 exercises, before and after games and in days between your games, practices or workouts.

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