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Soccer Players With Low Back Pain Should Be Doing These Two Exercises Daily | Weston | Florida


Is your low back pain keeping you from playing soccer ?  ...

you can't play to your full potential due to back pain ? ...

Chronic Low back pain is one of the most frequent causes of pain in Soccer Players. 

There are many reason why you may have developed pain in your lumbar spine: core weakness, tight hip flexors, weak gluteal muscles, Disc herniations or bulging discs.

Regardless of the cause of back pain, a mandatory requirement for people with this condition is to have a Strong Core  

Following with the patient education series on Low Back Pain, and switching gears to the Back of your Core Muscles, today I will show you how to properly perform these to essential exercises for people with back pain: Bridges and Bird Dogs

Why I Recommend Bridges and Bird Dog Exercises?

Remember we need a strong and solid core to perform daily activities and sports without compromising the lumbar spine.

People with back pain usually abuse of too much Lumbar movement with little Hip participation. The most common problem is excessive Lumbar Extension to compensate for Poor Hip Extension.

Learning how to use more your gluteal muscles and less your Low Back is mandatory for you if you are suffering from Back pain.

In order to disociate between Lumbar Extension ( the bad movement ) and Hip Extension (the good one ) you have to have strong and active Gluteal Muscles and Bridges and Bird Dogs are exceptional at creating Hip Extension limiting Lumbar extension.

Bridges ( Top Video)

Setup and Instructions:

  • Begin lying on your back with your arms resting at your sides, your legs bent at the knees and your feet flat on the ground.

  • Squeeze your glute muscles 5 times before lifting your back to activate them.

  • Tighten your abdominals and slowly lift your hips off the floor into a bridge position, keeping your back straight.

  • Make sure to keep your trunk stiff throughout the exercise and your arms flat on the floor.

  • This exercise properly performed must be felt in the gluteal area and not in your back. If for any reason you feel this exericses in your back area , don't get to the end of the bridge

Bird Dog

Set Up and Instructions

  • Begin on all fours, with your arms positioned directly under your shoulders.

  • Balance your body in one knee and the opposite hand.

  • Do a posterior pelvic tilt to find a neutral position of your pelvis and Tight your abdominal muscles once pelvis is in neutral

  • Straighten one arm and your opposite leg at the same time, until they are parallel to the floor. Hold briefly, then return to the starting position.

  • Make sure to keep your abdominals tight and hips level during the exercise.

  • Don't try to go to far with your raising arm or leg to avoid excessive Extension in Lumbar spine

You can add them to the other two exercises explained on my previous post

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Are you having Low Back Pain while playing soccer ?

Do you want to find out what is causing your Back Pain and solve this problems once for all ?






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