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Soccer Players do this simple exercise to stay away from Low Back Pain | Weston | Florida


Is your low back pain keeping you from playing soccer ?  ...

you can't play to your full potential due to back pain ? ...

Chronic Low back pain is one of the most frequent causes of pain in Soccer Players. 

There are many reason why you may have developed pain in your lumbar spine: core weakness, tight hip flexors, weak gluteal muscles, Disc herniations or bulging discs.

Regardless of the cause of back pain, a mandatory requirement for people with this condition is to have a Strong Core or Ring of Muscles. By ring I mean, not only your front muscles

like the abdominals but also, your side muscles and finally your back muscles. This 360  degree ring of muscles as a whole , they wrap the lumbar spine to protect it like a brace. 

Following with the patient education series on Low Back Pain, and also continuing with Front Core strengthening, today we review how to correctly perform a Front Plank  ( check previous post on this topic!!)

Why Front Planks ?

Remember we need a strong and solid core to perform daily activities and sports without compromising the lumbar spine and Front Planks are a safe and effective way to achieve this.

I also believe Front Planks are one of the most important exercises to do when it comes to Low Back Pain treatment. This exercises done regularly can go a long way to protect your lumbar spine from injury.

Very simple to execute, even when pain is acute.

Helps understanding and feeling how to “Brace” with core musculature before moving other body parts

There are other medical professionals and trainers that like to do long holds of 45 seconds to 1+ minutes, but I prefer 15-20 second holds only.

Do the front planks for 10 repetitions, 20 second holds, 2 sets.

Front Planks Instructions


Begin lying on your front, propped up on your elbows.


Engage your abdominal muscles and lift your hips and legs up into a plank position, keeping your elbows directly under your shoulders. Hold this position.

If holding the plank position becomes to easy,  you can lift one foot slightly from the ground while maintaining balance on your other foot and both forearms, then lower it back down and repeat with your other foot. Do not allow your body to rotate while you lift your foot.


Make sure to keep your back straight and maintain a gentle chin tuck during the exercise.

You can add them to the other two exercises explained on my previous post


Are you having Low Back Pain while playing soccer ?

Do you want to find out what is causing your Back Pain and solve this problems once for all ?





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