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Groin Pain In Soccer Players - Part I- What Is Wrong With Me? | Weston | Florida

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Groin Pain in soccer players is a very common injury. In a minor number of cases the player recovers well and quick but in most of the cases the opposite happens and Pain becomes chronic till the point you can't participate in sports any more. Watch our video on the different reasons why people develop Groin Pain.

Groin Pain Video - Causes

Reasons for your Groin Pain

One of the main reasons for Groin pain is tearing of the muscles or tissues surrounding the hip, groin and inguinal area. This tearing occurs because one muscle group "pulls " harder that the opposite muscular group creating an imbalance of forces that ends causing the damage

A typical example of this situation is the powerful Inner Thigh (Adductor) Group against a weak Abdominal Wall causing either a strain in the Adductos or a Tear in the lower abdominal wall. Another example is the Hip flexors against the same abdominal wall provoking a Tear in the Flexor muscle or in the inguinal area

Research has shown that weak core musculature, weak Adductors, Glutes or Hip flexors can lead to Acute or Chronic Groin pain

Treatment Guidelines for your Groin Pain

  • Resting alone will not help because resting will not correct these muscles imbalance and sometimes will even make it worse

  • Stretching alone will neither help you get better

  • Only when you restore the strength and the length of these muscles is when your pain will start going away

What soccer movements will trigger my groin pain?

Definitely kicking , change of directions and sprinting will increase your pain. Jogging is not a tasking activity for your groin muscles reason why most of the people with groin pain make the mistake of thinking just because they can jog with no pain the are ready to play again. Big mistake that will cause a new injury.

Finally once you get an acute groin injury it can easily ( without proper treatment ) become Chronic.

Chronic Groin Pain

Once pain is chronic you'll notice that in the first stages, the pain gets better with warm-up and allows you to play. Pain will return immediately after the game or the next day. This cycle of pain will get worse over time till one day the warm-up will not decrease your pain and you'll struggle through the game. Pain will ramp up in intensity and soon you'll find unable to play pain-free. At that point it is a matter of time till you'll have to stop playing. By now you probably have been cranking on these tissues and they won't stop hurting without the proper treatment.

Other signs that pain is chronic is when you have pain at night while sleeping, pain getting in and out of your vehicle or pain with lifting or carrying.


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