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Groin Pain - Part III - Adductor or Inner Thigh Pain? You are not alone | Weston | Florida

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Research shows that from all the Groin injuries, the Adductor Group ( inner thigh muscles) accounts for 40 % of them.

Adductor Strain Video

Adductor Pain Causes

The adductors is a group of 5 muscles: the adductor longus, adductor magnus, adductor brevis, Pectinus and Gracilis. 62 % of Adductor Tears occurs in the Adductor Longus, that thick vertical muscle in your inner thigh.

For the purpose of this educational article we will differentiate 3 types of injuries to these muscles: a simple strain, a small tear and large tear.

Adductor Minor Strain

The minor strain will recover in 1-2 weeks, nothing to be concerned about.

Adductor Small Tear

The small tear is a different " animal" and in my experience is the most complicated to recover from because the person will recover quick (3-10 days ) for daily activities like walking, getting in and out the car, stairs , prolonged standing and even jogging will feel "normal" .

This " false " sensation that everything is fine, will make that person return to play too quick without any treatment or training, just to re-injury the muscle again. Believe me, I've seen hundreds of these cases. Therefore, this benign tear becomes a problem and will follow the path ( see our previous blog) of pain at warm-up only, progressing to pain during games to pain so severe that you can't play anymore.

Adductor Large Tear

Large Tears are severe and very painful that it will make you seek medical assistance right away so at least you get treatment from the beginning, setting you up for high probabilities of recovering well with the proper treatment.

Mechanism of Injury

Regarding what movements can trigger an Adductor strain, Kicking ( injury to kicking leg while going for a long ball ) is the most common reason for injury, followed by change of directions ( actually, sudden change of directions ) and finally stretch situations like opening your foot for reaching the ball or the opponent. A less common injury is to the planted leg during the kicking movement.

How long will it take to heal?

Again to simplify, because every case is different , we can say that Small Tears will heal in 4-6 weeks and Large Tears can take up to 10-12 weeks to heal.

At White Bay Physical Therapy we developed an Aggressive program but respecting the normal healing process to get you back to play as soon as possible but without cutting any steps, to assure you that once you return to play this groin pain will not chase you for years to come.

This program consists of 3 stages: Acute stage, Strengthening stage, Return to Play stage.

Stage I - Acute Injury

In the Acute phase we focus on resolving the pain and initiate an early mobility routine to safely put stress in the muscle to promote healing.

Stage II - Strengthening Phase

In the strengthening phase we will load the muscle progressively to assure proper scar mobilization and remodeling of the muscle to sustain higher loads everyday.

Stage III - Return to Play Phase

Finally in the third phase we simulate soccer activities to reproduce the demands of the game in a closed environment and assure the scar tissue will tolerate the activity. This includes some field drills by the end of the phase and right before allowing you to play.

Key factors in this recovery are restoring Adductor strength and hip range on motion, proper core and glute activation, and finally restoring dynamic balance and control of the Lumbar - Pelvic - Hip area.

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