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Exercises for Labrum Tears and Femoro-acetabular Impingement (FAI) in Soccer Players


Rehabilitation for FAI and associated labrum tears , requires a comprehensive strength and conditioning program for the trunk, pelvis, hip and lower extremity.

The changes in the hip bones or the labrum are not the only important aspect of this condition.

Research shows (Frasson et al 2020) the most affected hip muscles are Hip Extensor ( Glutes ) , Hip Flexors ( Psoas ) and Hip Adductors ( Inner thigh muscles ).

In my opinion, the weakness surrounding the hip joint is the most influential problem to solve in order to improve pain and tightness around the hip joint

Treatment of Femoro-Acetabular Impingement - FAI

Exercise-based treatments are recommended for people with hip-related pain.

Exercise-based treatment should be at least 3 months duration.

Following up from our previous blog post, here you have some the techniques and exercises we use for addressing muscle weakness around the joint.


  • FAI is a problem of the hip joint or its components: the ball or socket of the hip

  • Treatment of FAI requires a general approach with core and all aspect of the hip included.

  • Research shows that FAI is a common finding among athletes and soccer players and its only when painful that the FAI becomes a problem.

  • Conservative treatment with Physical Therapy for 12 weeks is the first line of treatment of this condition. In Adults ( + 40 y/o) surgey need to be considered only when the Physical Therapy has failed because of the Poor to Fair results of the Surgery in the long run

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