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Everything you are doing for your Low Back pain, may be wrong...


Today we analyze the most common mistakes people with back pain do. Most of these mistakes and ingrained in myths or popular beliefs that people follow but Science has shown that these myths are incorrect. Learn how to properly manage your back pain for a quicker and long-lasting recovery.

Here you have the 4 most common myths related to Low Back Pain.

MYTH # 1 Rest Is the Best Thing for Pain Management

In the past, doctors used to tell patients to get bed rest to back pain. . Today, I'm here to tell you that this is no true! Several studies now show that bed rest can actually make back pain worse. Instead, manage back pain through movement.

In most cases, moving around or low impact sports like swimming, and walking will help keep you limber and get you through back pain better than resting.

MYTH # 2: My back hurts because of my Arthritis

Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints that typically causes stiffness and pain. And that’s true! BUT there is no way to know exactly if arthritis is the direct cause of back pain. Studies have looked at the x-rays of people with arthritis and many people have no back pain!

MYTH # 3 : Activity avoidance , you can't lift weights

Back pain should not stop you enjoying exercise or regular activities. In fact, studies found that continuing with these can help you get better sooner!. If you do activities including lifting weights, you should better unload, modify or adapt your exercises but no avoiding doing that! Initially, you may need to reduce the amount of load and then progressively increase the load or intensity, as your body gets better. With time and proper control of exercises for your body, you can get back to normal activities.

MYTH # 4: An MRI is not necessary before starting physical therapy.

A good therapist will identify your problem and will help you manage your pain. The MRI provides a therapist a little value in terms of finding the right exercises for you! If you have any pain, start physical therapy as soon as possible


  • Rest, expensive MRIs will not help you much.

  • Research shows that active movements as early as tolerated is the treatment of choice for Low back pain

  • After an episode of Low Back Pain, patients need to recover the ability to lift weights even from the floor

  • Physical Therapy is the best initial choice for people with back pain

Lionel Pannunzio is a Physical Therapist Certified in Sports Injuries. With more than 20 years of experience helping athletes return to their sports after an injury. He is the Owner of White Bay Sports Physical Therapy and Fitness, conveniently located in the beautiful City of Weston, where he treats Soccer Player, Runners and Athletes of all ages

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