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Essential Strength Training for Soccer Players - Part 3 - Push, Pull , Carry and Planks

Core Strength is another essential part of any Soccer Player.

Sit ups and crunches are a good way to increase Core Strength but the ability to move heavy weights while maintaining and good posture is essential and has priority in training.

In this last post of a this 3-part series on Soccer Strength Training we will discuss how to plank properly and how to Pull - Push and Carry heavy weights. During these exercises the core is working substantially to maintain a stable spine for you to be able to transfers the load up and down the kinetic chain of your body.


Another of my favorite exercises is Planking

Front and Side Planks are mandatory skills for any sport in general and soccer in particular

Proper core strength helps with alignment during complex activities like landing jumping change of directions

Pulling and Pushing

Pulling and Pushing Weights are two great strategies to develop power in the lower body. You can use bands , weights , sleds

Improves Unilateral Lower Body Strength

Improves Lower Body Speed & Power

Improves Acceleration Sprint Mechanics

Improves Core Strength/Stability

When pulling the sled, make sure you

keep straight body ( don't brake at the hips )

take short, choppy steps

force triple extension ( hip knee ankle ) by applying force into the ground like pushing or pulling away from it.


Loaded carries build the strength of multiple parts of your body. Carries strengthen your core, develop your hip stability, and create a yoked upper back. They're also incredible for building your grip strength, an often overlooked capacity that aids your ability to perform all kinds of strength movements.


  • Core Muscles are one of the most important components for a Soccer player.

  • The core is where your Power, your Strength, your Endurance and your balance originates.

  • Core weakness has been associated with every single injury in the back and lower extremity: ACL tears, Low Back Pain, Groin Pain, ITB syndrome, Patello-Femoral Pain, Ankle sprains, Pulled Hamstrings.

  • Do not underestimate the importance of these basic exercises because they are the key for a strong core musculature, perform better and prevent injuries.

Lionel Pannunzio is a Physical Therapist Certified in Sports Injuries.

With more than 20 years of experience helping athletes return to their sports after an injury.

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