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Hip-Groin Pain ?

If You Are Interested In Learning More About Resolving Your Hip-Groin Pain and Getting Back To Play Pain-Free Again.....

You came to right place !!!

PS: we have a 95 success rate with treatment, and it's free to get started!!

This E-book is for you if:
  • If you want to resolve your hip-groin pain, but you are not sure where to start?

  • If you are missing playing soccer or your favorite sport because of Hip-Groin Pain

  • If you are frustrated and failed other treatments for your Hip-Groin pain

  • If you want to learn EXACTLY how to resolve your Hip-Groin pain without wasting $1,000's of dollars!

  • If you want to learn what treatments are proven to work for Hip-Groin pain and which ones are not! (YES! Some of the most common treatments given are not even proven to work!)

  • You want to learn how you can resolve your Hip-Groin pain without needing painful injections, medications, and expensive surgeries

  • If your current Hip-Groin treatment is not working and you still have  pain

  • If you are just hoping your Hip-Groin pain is going to go away, this course is for you


Lionel Pannunzio

Sports Certified Specialist

Get high quality advice from the clinical experts that you deserve.

From Sports Injuries To Spine Pain Our Patients Receive Only The Best Care
  • Diego O.
    Soccer Player

    “I’m very Thankful with White Bay Physical Therapy and their professionalism, dedication and knowledge to restore me from the groin and pelvic pain I had. ( Pubalgia). I was injured for 3 months visiting Sports Doctors and taking some treatments like acupuncture, massages, etc , without any improvement. Finally I visited the professional Lionel Pannunzio at White Bay’s location and following his recommendations and treatments, I could start playing high competition soccer again in less than five weeks. Once again thank you Lio and White Bay Physical Therapy”.

  • Rosana
    Soccer Mom Weston

    "I recommend Lionel with my eyes closed! He helped two of my kids to recover from a sport injury. He has a deep knowledge of the body in general as well as sports medicine. He took his time to perform an exhaustive evaluation and then to explain the kind of injury they had. He gave them advice and some exercises to improve their condition. They recovered completely in no time! It was very easy to book an appointment and the office is conveniently located in Weston. I am really happy to have found him since he helped me save time and money."

  • Monica
    Tennis Player Hollywood

    " Lionel is a very trustable professional. His consistent background and skills makes him stand out of the average of physical therapists. He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the ground of your needs. In other words he doesn't just attend the injury you present, but he also makes sure that the cause of that injury is considered.  Currently,I do not hesitate to consult Lionel for any sport injury. I strongly recommend Lionel."

01/19 - 01/23

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