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Soccer Training

" We help active people, youth & adult Athletes get back to their workouts and sports they love after an injury without injections, painkillers or multiple trips to the doctor's office "

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Learn tips to live with less Lower Back pain ...

9 Quick Easy Ways to help heal pulled mu


Learn why rest alone does not cure common soccer injuries...


Learn simple ways to avoid making knee pain and stiffness worse...

WHITE BAY... one stop for all your rehabilitation needs
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From Sports Injuries To Spine Pain Our Patients Receive Only The Best Care

01/19 - 01/23

Soccer Mom

"I recommend Lionel with my eyes closed! He helped two of my kids to recover from a sport injury. He has a deep knowledge of the body in general as well as sports medicine. He took his time to perform an exhaustive evaluation and then to explain the kind of injury they had. He gave them advice and some exercises to improve their condition. They recovered completely in no time! It was very easy to book an appointment and the office is conveniently located in Weston. I am really happy to have found him since he helped me save time and money."

Fort Lauderdale

Excellent service. Lionel really takes the time to diagnose your injury. He gives you a thorough explanation and then proposes a course of action for fast recovery. He is also always on time. Highly recommended!!


“I’m very Thankful with White Bay Physical Therapy and their professionalism, dedication and knowledge to restore me from the groin and pelvic pain I had. ( Pubalgia). I was injured for 3 months visiting Sports Doctors and taking some treatments like acupuncture, massages, etc , without any improvement. Finally I visited the professional Lionel Pannunzio at White Bay’s location and following his recommendations and treatments, I could start playing high competition soccer again in less than five weeks. Once again thank you Lio and White Bay Physical Therapy”.

Diego O. - Soccer Player

Tennis Player 

" Lionel is a very trustable professional. His consistent background and skills makes him stand out of the average of physical therapists. He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the ground of your needs. In other words he doesn't just attend the injury you present, but he also makes sure that the cause of that injury is considered. His help was very valuable when I had an important foot issue. Currently,I do not hesitate to consult Lionel for any sport injury. I strongly recommend Lionel."

Soccer Player 

" Lionel is very knowledgeable and accessible, he helped me recover from a sports injury quickly, and provided the tools to train to avoid similar injuries in the future. His location in Weston is convenient and has the required equipment. I highly recommend him."

Soccer Mom

Lionel provided a great service evaluating, assessing and treating our son’s injury. He not only treated him at the facility but also gave him instructions to follow at home to recover and prevent future injuries. Highly recommended!!

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